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Gender Pay Gap Reporting


NorseCare is part of the Norse Group Ltd, a holding company, wholly owned by Norfolk County Council, comprising of NPS Property Consultants Ltd, Norse Commercial Services (facilities management) and NorseCare, delivering services to millions of people across the UK.

NorseCare has reported gender pay gap figures of 5.3% for 2018, a figure that is significantly below the national mean average gap of 8.6% for 2018 (Office of National Statistics, 2018).

NorseCare has a female Managing Director and 68% of our management teams are female and this is reflected in our low mean gender pay gap. We are pleased to report that with steps taken to reduce the gap we have achieved a reduction from 6.1% in 2017 to 5.3% in 2018 and work continues to towards reducing this further.

To see our gender pay figures for April 2018 published on 2 April 2019 on the government website and our report see below:


NorseCare Gender Pay Report