Residential care homes

in Norfolk and Suffolk 

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Our care homes throughout Norfolk provide care and support within a homely residential setting.

We provide high quality, 24 hour care focused on each individual’s needs, supporting them with care that reflects their physical, mental, emotional and social needs in order to maximise their personal wellbeing.

Promoting a variety of social activities is very important. We work closely with many different local groups and societies to maximise opportunities for residents. These are regularly reviewed with meetings with residents, families and friends and our key partners to ensure that we continue to provide fulfilling opportunities and engagement to all our residents.

Mealtimes are an important part of the day for NorseCare residents and we provide an excellent catering service in our homes. Our teams put an emphasis on healthy, fresh and locally-sourced food, including specialist dietary needs. We fully recognise the importance of a balanced, nutritious diet and keeping people well hydrated and healthy.

Dementia care


We have a number of care homes where we provide specialist care and support for people living with dementia.