Posted 17th March 2023

5 delicious fruits with great health benefits

5 delicious fruits with great health benefits

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. With so many incredible fruits available to us, sometimes it’s hard to know which to incorporate into your diet. We’re breaking it down today, going through our top 5 fruits you may be surprised have awesome health benefits. Get your five a day in with these fruits.


When life gives you lemons, reap the extended list of health benefits! First and foremost, with lemons being a well-known citric fruit, they’re an incredible source of vitamin C. One lemon provides around 31mg equalling over half of your recommended daily intake. Lemons are also great to aid in protecting you against anaemia. Lemons do contain some iron however they also improve one’s absorption of iron from plant foods. Get lemons into your diet with lemon-infused water, hot or cold. Or even squeeze a lemon on as salad dressing at lunchtime. Get your daily squeeze.


Blueberries are a well-known superfood. They are known as one of the top antioxidant foods among all fruits and vegetables. They have been shown to increase the antioxidant levels in your body directly. They also function as a great superfood to aid heart health, blood pressure and even mental health. Being a berry, these ones are easy to incorporate into your diet especially if you like the flavour. Add them as a snack by themselves or in a fruit salad. These go well with many breakfast-time choices. We love them berry much.


Let’s get bananas. According to Harvard University, bananas may carry the title of the first-ever superfood. They were endorsed by the American Medical Association as a health food for children and treatment for those who are celiac. Bananas are often eaten by sports professionals as their properties support exercise recovery. The potassium and magnesium minerals function as electrolytes. Unarguably, bananas are incredibly easy to add to your diet, being one of the most convenient snacking foods.


Avocados, yes, they are a fruit and, yes, they live up to the hype. Avocados are packed full of healthy fats and fibre making them an excellent source of nutrients. This is essential for the digestive system and for an individual’s gut health. The vitamins and minerals found within avocados are also proven to reduce the risk of heart disease. Season with salt and pepper, mash it and put it on toast.


We’re coming to the end of our very fruitful list. Last but certainly not least we have the grapefruit. These are great to support immunity and boost your nutrient intake. Being prized for its vitamin C content, it also has great potential benefits for your immune system. Being in the citrus family, can be as simple as peel and go!

There you have it. Five fruits with amazing taste and even better health benefits. Can’t choose? Make a fruit salad! We hope this list has given some ap-peel-ing inspiration.