Posted 7th April 2022

Behind the Mask – NorseCare employee shows artistic skills

Angela Spencer, a valued member of NorseCare, has thanked her colleagues for their dedication during the pandemic by painting a unique series of portraits.

Angela, a Care Support Worker; based at St Edmunds residential care home in Attleborough, has painted 12 of her colleagues, all wearing their PPE masks.

The series of portraits entitled ‘Behind the Mask’ captures the faces of the heroic carers who worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic.

Angela wished to reflect the individual personalities of her colleagues through their eyes, saying, “I wanted to reflect who they were through their eyes only – and find the person behind the mask.”

Angela, who has only been painting for two years, started her hobby as a form of relaxation and found inspiration through her colleagues. These paintings were to thank those who had gone above and beyond during such challenging times.

Care Support Worker Sally Dewar said her portrait now hangs in pride of place in her home.

“When I saw it, I was amazed, so was my family,” she said.

“For obvious reasons, much of the focus of the past two years has been on the NHS so it was touching that somebody decided to do this in a care home.”

Jen Pochin, Manager of St Edmunds, said “The paintings are incredible, and she is such a wonderful person to have on our team – she brings so much creativity.”

Angela has gifted the portraits to her subjects and will eventually make two photo books featuring the entire series – one of which will be for St Edmunds residential care home.

The modest carer has hidden this incredible talent and has said she will continue to keep painting quietly for herself.

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