Posted 7th January 2019

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7 year old Lila Poulton is a regular visitor to the Bowthorpe Care Village with her troop from the Bowthorpe Brownies and Rainbows. After their last visit, the Brownies were asked to write a poem about how they felt about Bowthorpe. Lila chose to use the ‘Acrostic’ method to write these lovely words about how she felt about coming to the village.

Lila’s Care Home Poem:

C is for cuddling
A is for art
R is for respect
E is for entertaining

H is for happy
O is for old
M is for memories
E is for enjoyable

The Bowthorpe Brownies and Rainbows troop visit the Bowthorpe Care Village monthly and enjoy spending time with the residents, tenants and staff taking part in singing, craft sessions, cooking and dancing, as well as learning more about how NorseCare provide care and support to the residents and tenants. For their Christmas visit, they made over 200 cards and table decorations, made especially for all the residents of Mayflower Court and the tenants of The Meadows, which they hand delivered during their visit.

Leader of the pack Becky Cordy said: “The Brownies look forward to coming to the Bowthorpe Care Village to meet the residents and tenants. They love seeing the people and it is always a lot of fun. Lila’s poem really sums up how the children feel about the care village”.

Sandra Drake, who is the Social Engagement and Volunteer Support Lead at the care village explained more about the Brownies’ visits; “We always have a lot of fun when the Brownies and Rainbows come in. This time, they spent their time delivering the cards and decorations to all our tenants and residents. Then we sang Christmas songs and Father Christmas came to give the Brownies a little present to thank them for coming to see us!”

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