Posted 29th April 2022

Community RePaint Cambridge scheme brightens up Bowthorpe Care Village for tenants

Tenants at Bowthorpe Care Village in Norwich have been treated to a new nature-inspired mural thanks to environmentally conscious artist Freya Neighbour and national paint reuse network, Community RePaint Cambridge.

Being able to connect with nature is something that many of us take for granted, and for many care home tenants, getting out to enjoy nature is not as accessible as it once was. With tenant wellbeing being at the heart of NorseCare, Freya was asked to create a mural that would serve as a backdrop for the care home’s activity space and a place that could inspire creative thinking and wellness.

Artist and illustrator Freya explained: “Murals can promote creative thinking and wellness, influencing an inner sense of peace and happiness, and I hope that the piece I created for the Activity Room at The Meadows will serve as a backdrop to many inspiring activities, bringing its tenants together through creativity, and allowing the space to be reflective and calm. 

“The Meadows is an extraordinary place, with a community spirit that you can feel on arrival. As I painted, I enjoyed conversations with tenants about how the Norfolk broads-inspired image made them feel and their memories of nature. I learned about their life experiences, hometowns, and places they couldn’t wait to go again when restrictions eased.” 

As part of a national paint reuse network, Community RePaint Cambridgeshire, which collects 62,000 litres of paint a year, offered Freya usable leftover paint at an affordable cost, perfect for the mural.

Ms Neighbour continued: “This mural project is a creative way to improve the daily lives of tenants and staff, promoting wellbeing and positive thinking within the important space of the Activity Room. The staff’s care and attention extend to a determination to create a nourishing environment for their community, especially in these current times where creativity and conversation are so needed. I’m very grateful to have been a part of this special project.”

Emma-Marie Smith, Deputy Manager at The Meadows, said: “The mural that Freya created for us has turned our tenants’ Activity Room into an inspiring place where they can enjoy a calming and relaxing environment and a chance to feel inspired by nature.

“We’re delighted with the finished mural and love seeing how our tenants interact with it. It’s lovely to see them discovering new things each time they look at the piece and reminisce about the places they have visited. The mural has not only brightened up the room but also the lives of our tenants.”

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