Posted 22nd July 2020

Covid-19 – update from NorseCare – 21 July 2020

The wellbeing of our residents and tenants is always our utmost priority. This bulletin provides an update on some of the key elements of our response to the pandemic. Our care homes and Extra Care schemes continue to welcome new residents and tenants, supporting their care and support needs. It is of course a challenging time, but a fantastic team effort has ensured NorseCare has thus far successfully overcome many of the challenges that the pandemic has presented to the care sector in general.

Infection control: All our homes and schemes have a good and continuing supply of PPE to ensure all Health and Safety guidelines are successfully and strictly followed. This means our staff are wearing facemasks at all times and will wear gloves, aprons and goggles if required. Temperature checks are carried out regularly and, if appropriate, self-isolation takes place according to the guidance given to all homes by Public Health England.

Testing: In our care homes, all staff are being tested each week and residents are tested every 28 days. We are ensuring that if anyone presents any symptoms, they are tested within our homes and schemes. If a resident or tenant receives a positive Covid-19 test result, they are offered our full support and appropriate procedures are put in place for the safety of everyone at the home or scheme.

Visitor arrangements: Pre-arranged appointments can be made to visit a loved one. These are arranged in the gardens of our homes and schemes under strict social distancing guidelines and with full appropriate PPE in place. In exceptional circumstances, other visits are permitted; please contact homes and schemes for full details.

Keeping in touch: While face to face visits are, at the moment, limited to the appointments detailed above, staff at our homes and schemes are assisting with video calling to enable people to keep in touch with their loved ones.

Health and wellbeing: The pandemic has meant that we have had to change the way we approach some of our activities programmes. However, we are fully committed to ensuring that we continue to offer up innovative and engaging entertainment and wellbeing programmes and that social interaction is continuing for all our residents and tenants.

Staff: We pride ourselves on having some of the best and most able staff in social care and we value them greatly. During this pandemic we have done everything we can to support them and to keep them safe. They continue to excel in their work, providing very high-quality care and support for all those people we care for. We are very fortunate to have them and are very proud of all of them. They are our biggest asset.

Finally, a big thank you to the families and friends of our residents and tenants, who have kindly commented on the care and support their loved ones have received.

“I can’t thank all the staff at Weavers Court enough for all they have done and continue to do in these unprecedented times. I may not be allowed to visit yet, but I know that dad is in good hands.”
Family of a tenant at Weaver’s Court, June 2020.

“I am extremely grateful for the professional and sensitive way in which you dealt with this difficult situation. The anxiety that I felt about my mother’s health was lessened because of your rapid action to protect her.”
Daughter of tenant at Lloyd Court, June 2020.

“Thank you so much for making the day special for her and us. I can’t thank you enough for all the love and care you have given my mum…bless you.”
Daughter of a resident who celebrated her 100th birthday at Rose Meadow, North Walsham in June 2020.

We recently undertook a survey of our handling of the pandemic thus far and its impact on our residents and tenants. From over 360 replies from families and friends of residents and tenants;
• 82% said they were able to keep in touch with relatives in other ways (mobile and video technology)
• 90% said the changes made in the home made them feel that their loved one was safe
• 90% felt their relative is being looked after well

We have of course had to make a number of positive changes to ensure that we keep everybody we care for and our staff safe during the pandemic. We understand that you may wish to find out more about these measures and how they might be applied in a particular home.

Hence we would very much welcome a discussion with you on any of these aspects. If you have any further questions or would like to contact us about living with NorseCare, please contact us on 01603 894366 or email and we would be more than happy to provide you with whatever information and reassurances you require. 

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