Posted 13th March 2024

Heroes among us: Staff members’ swift action prevents disaster

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We are thrilled to highlight the remarkable efforts of two of our staff members, Dee Christie, Night Duty Team Leader, and Katy Dobson, Night Duty Care Support Worker at Robert Kett Court. The positive action and ability to stick to their training under pressure led to them safely and successfully extinguishing a small fire. They also rescued the tenant safely and effectively from their flat. Their swift response prevented further damage to the property and potentially saved the tenant’s life, a testament to their exceptional bravery and dedication.

In the early morning of February 22, 2024, Dee and Katy faced a challenging situation as they responded to a small fire. The tenant, living with Parkinson’s Disease, had inadvertently set off the  microwave while attempting to cook a meal. Upon discovering the fire, the tenant’s swift actions to extinguish it were unsuccessful, and the situation quickly escalated.

Despite the high-pressure environment, Dee and Katy remained calm and decisive. Drawing upon their training as Fire Marshalls, they promptly initiated our Fire Emergency Evacuation Plan. Assessing the situation, they determined it was safe to enter the tenant’s flat and found her attempting to remove the burning substance from the oven. Without hesitation, they took action to safely extinguish the fire and rescue the tenant, averting further damage to the property and potentially saving her life.

Their bravery did not go unnoticed, as the Fire Service commended their actions upon arrival. Even the tenant’s beloved parrot was safely rescued thanks to their efforts.

This isn’t the first time Dee Christie has demonstrated such remarkable courage. In November 2023, she also played a crucial role in handling a similar incident involving a microwave fire at Robert Kett Court.

We also extend our gratitude to Elizabeth Rayman, Manager at Robert Kett Court, for her diligent efforts in ensuring our staff are well-prepared and trained in fire safety procedures. Under her leadership, our training statistics for Fire Safety Awareness, Fire Marshall Training, and Fire Drills remain impressively high.

On behalf of Norse Care, we commend Dee and Katy again for their exceptional dedication and commitment to the safety and well-being of our tenants. Their actions are a shining example of the values we hold dear at Norse Care.

A HAS30:09 report will be completed to evaluate the incident further, and any lessons learned will be carefully investigated and reported.