Posted 12th February 2020

Spurs supporting great-grandmother celebrates her 100th birthday

Rose Foweraker celebrated her 100th birthday at Rebecca Court on Wednesday 12th February surrounded by her family and friends at the home.

Rose was born in Hounslow in February 1920 and grew up in London, where her support for Tottenham Hotspur began. During her interesting life, she has had a number of jobs including a machinist making baby’s clothes and soldier’s uniforms during World War Two. She says her favourite job was as a Primary School Welfare Assistant which she did when her children were older. However, she describes her ‘best’ job as being a Mum. Rose met her husband, Lennard, at a fish and chip shop in Southend. They were married for 56 years and she says the secret to making a marriage last is give and take. They had 2 children, Brenda and John, how have both been married to their partners for over 50 years themselves, and Rose has five grandchildren and 7 great grandchildren.

Rose enjoys word-searches and knitting and also enjoys the activities at Rebecca Court including singing, chair-badminton and chair-golf, plus cooking and craft making. Her faith is important to her and she likes to attend the church services that are run at the home.

Rose tells a great story about meeting Princess Margaret when he was volunteering for the Red Cross – which she did for over 25 years. She was at Westminster Abbey standing behind a person in a wheelchair when Princess Margaret reached out to shake her hand and said “Thank you for all that you do”. Her friends suggested she should never wash that hand again!

Rose had a lovely day enjoying a party with families and friends and is pictured with her children and their spouses and with her 100th birthday card from the Queen. Happy Birthday Rose!

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